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What hours does the roadside assistance service work? The roadside assistance service works normally during working hours. Between 9:00 AM and 05:00 PM. During working hours, you can communicate by any of the available channels, telephone or email. Your request for help will be processed immediately.

I have tried to contact with no results. Any suggestion? The first means of communication that we can recommend is through a text message or call to the contact numbers, on the website they are configured to contact via Whatsapp. Then you could try through some of our emails. On the web you will find two addresses available. We suggest you write during established business hours. If you are in Havana you could try a local call, sometimes internet connectivity could have interruptions.

Are all bike models available to use during the tour? As long as the equipment is physically present at the time of paying for the service, you can rent the one of your choice. We recommend you contact our representatives, and discuss any details you need to know about our tour. We will be very pleased to assist you.
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