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JimyBikes's corporate purpose is to offer a bicycle rental service and guided tours of Havana. The rhythm of the bicycle trip is perfect to show the tourist the beauty of Havana. As you glide through the various neighborhoods of Old Havana, Vedado and Miramar, see impressive eclectic architecture, listen to romantic Cuban music and meet the resilient and resourceful Cubans. The purpose of Jimybikes is to offer a healthy way to get to know Havana, a vibrant and unique city, a jewel of the Caribbean.


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*All rates cover the roadside assistance service

Rental Time: 4 Hours
Cost: 10.00 USD
Rental Time: 1 Day
Cost: 15.00 USD
Rental Time: 1 Week
Cost: 100.00 USD
Rental Time: 1 Month
Cost: 300.00 USD

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